Back in the fall, Calvary encouraged people to step up and serve in some capacity within the church. At Calvary West, all of the high school student small groups were moved to Sunday night to make it easier for them to serve on Sunday mornings, and several of these students stepped up in a big way. Some were already serving in some capacity and are now serving even more, while some began serving for the very first time. These young students have become great leaders within various ministry areas of the church and are living out 1 Timothy 4:12 as they set examples for how we ought to serve: with joy and persistence! Check out what some of these students have to say about serving.

Serving at Calvary has most importantly allowed me to grow in my relationship with God and enabled me to pour in to people’s lives.

I am a volunteer in children’s ministries. My main focus is Journey. I, along with three other people, lead worship weekly. I choose to volunteer because I love helping people in any way I am able and because it’s rewarding. I’m setting an example for the kids and they honestly enjoy it. It has meant a lot to be able to volunteer every week and get to know and love these kids. –Callye Bradburn

Serving at Calvary West in both Production and Kids Ministry has provided a way for me to feel connected to Christ and also community. I look forward to every Sunday morning where I have the opportunity to use my gifts to help other as well we myself grow in our walk with Christ.Matthew Roache

I serve with the children at west campus through Journey Kids on Sunday monings and Kids camp in the summer. I feel the need to serve because it empowers me to grow in my faith as a leader and to be further involved in church activities. I’ve learned a few things through my service, some of which are: be flexible with plans and trust God and enjoy service, don’t make it a burden. –Garrett Keegan

I began serving a few years ago here and there because I noticed how much Ryan Showalter had on his plate, and wanted to help alleviate some of those stresses. I didn’t expect to become as involved as I am, but it has been an awesome experience. I, alongside of Harrison Myers, am a Journey Kids Worship Director, officially. Unofficially, I am at West campus frequently whenever I am needed for whatever I am needed. Serving at Calvary has most importantly allowed me to grow in my relationship with God and enabled me to pour in to people’s lives. Unequivocally it has shown me the inner workings of a Church and how difficult it is to do many things effectively, it has taught me responsibility and forged strong relationships with many of our staff, specifically Ryan, and Matthew (Hutch) Hutchens. It has consumed a lot of my time, but West Campus truly has become a second home for me, and I am thankful for the experiences and opportunities serving has given me.Cole Bradburn

I started serving 2 years ago assisting in the 1st and 2nd grade bible fellowship class as well and journey kids worship. I went from being awkward in the back on my phone and helping with the tech to now helping lead it, doing setup before anyone is in the church, teaching lessons, and creating new games for the kids. Doing this has helped me learn how to properly lead and mentor, because we now have middle schoolers coming to us wanting to plug in and help serve where they can. God really showed me through this that we can all lead in some setting, and we can all also help others grow in their walk as I have by serving and being served.Harrison Myers