COVID Information

COVID Update

The effects of COVID are continuing to have a great impact on our communities. We want to assure you that your church leadership is monitoring the situation closely and consulting with experts on the best approaches that will continue to allow us to gather while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We are encouraging face coverings while inside but not mandating they be worn.

We will continue to offer face covering required sections at all our campuses for those who are more comfortable with that option.

Thank you for your willingness to put others first.

We recognize that the COVID pandemic has created hardship for many families in our community. Because of that, Calvary has commited to help those in need through our COVID relief fund.

If you have a need, please fill out the form below. Our team will review and respond with next steps.


  • I am currently involved in the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, and I am requesting help with the following expenses due to our loss of income during the COVID-19 pandemic:
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  • Type of Need Requested

  • How Much is Needed?

  • Reason for Request

  • Signature

  • ***My electronic signature typed below guarantees the information provided above is accurate and true. I understand that financial assistance from this fund is directed by approved church policy.