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The ministry of Gary and Karolyn Chapman has touched thousands of lives. We wanted to provide you the opportunity to share your story of the impact that the Chapman’s have had on your life and ministry.


  1. Skip & Judy Griffin

    When Judy and I were considering adoption, I went to receive guidance from Dr. Chapman. I was concerned about my age and parenting. He shared the story about Karolyn’s brother that had adopted.

    • Pauline Shepherd

      Carolyn and Dr. Chapman have had a tremendous influence on not only Bruce and me but also our two children. Thank you for such giving hearts, for excellent role models and for following God’s plan for your lives.

      • Ellen White

        Gary and Karolyn are true
        examples of giving your best to the Master. They are
        Inspired and inspiring. I
        thank GOD for them and
        their ministry.

    • Ruben and Judy Morales Morales

      Dr. Chapman and Carolyn have demonstrated or the length that Judy and I have know them is: These have demonstrated true faithfulness, to God in their walk, their love for each other, and for God’s people. R&J

  2. Randy Wiles

    Dr.Chapman and Karolyn have made a huge influence in my spiritual life.
    It’s been a real pleasure and honor to have been associated with them .Thank-you!

    • Robin Hengel

      Since Dr Chapman and my dad have similar stories of growing up in China Grove on the same dirt road, it was precious to read those stories of his childhood in his new book. Thank you so much for including them!

    • Bobby phelps

      Gary has helped and counseled me tremendously and helped me financially! Him and karolyn will always be in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Ernie Tompkins

    Feeling so blessed that we have been the recipient of the teachings and relational insights of Dr Chapman. We’ve been blessed by Karolyn’s musical gifts and her wonderful sense of humor. Thank you are being among us.

  4. Susie Trivette

    Our families go so far back. I’m so grateful for both of you for so many reasons! I feel a connection that I bet most people don’t have 😉
    Much much love to you both,
    Susie Trivette
    I remember years ago knowing you at Salem Baptist. Camp Merriwood holds great memories when you led there.
    Thank you for your years of service and wisdom you’ve given me.
    Love you both,
    Roger Trivette

  5. Jaqueline Vambe

    Dr Chapman and and Carolyn have served God with passion his ministration of the word is beyond imagination only a Holy Spirit filled person can do that and Carolyn a true worshiper alongside a man of God. The five love languages really touched my soul as well as classic sermons l pray that we will continue to see them and we still want their leadership

  6. Norman and Gaye Nelson

    Gary and Karolyn, there is no other. We been at Calvary since mid 1970’s. Gary has not altered from being Gary. Same everyday, each time you meet him. Always a smile and hello. His ministery
    in books and preaching has taught us so much. Can’t imagine Calvary without Gary and Karolyn.
    We wish them nothing but God speed in all things. Whatever they touch will bless someone, somewhere.
    We consider it a pleasure and blessing to have known them for over forty years.

  7. David R Miller

    Dr Chapman has been instrumental in my families life for 50 years. He has been generous to us with his instruction, friendship, wisdom and support. I was in his College & Career Class in the 70’s and learned many practical ways to learn about and how to faithfully walk with our Lord.

  8. Larry & Libby Wolosiewicz

    As a biblical counselor, I have used much of the wisdom and research in Dr. Gary’s books during individual and group sessions throughout my career. He has given our profession tools and insights to use to facilitate change in countless men, women, and children in our community, country and the world. It has been an honor to utilize this knowledge; watching our clients grow, reflecting less of the spiritual and emotional pain in their chaotic culture and reflecting more of the image of Christ, our Peace Maker.
    Karolyn’s leadership among the women at Calvary has and will continue to have a beautiful and encouraging impact. Her Jesus-energy and desire to make disciples among us has indeed done just that!
    To have the knowledge that these Image Bearers have taught us through their faithfulness to Christ is joyful, but to know them is beyond grateful!
    Thank you, Gary and Karolyn, for sharing your lives with us,
    Larry & Libby Wolosiewicz

  9. John Hill

    Many speak the words of Jesus. Few have the true heart of Jesus like my friend Gary Chapman. If many of us wrote a book of our lives, he would be mentioned in just about every chapter. He knows how to speak all the love languages to his friends. So we all feel loved! And we love you Dr. C and our and your inspiration, Lady K! Thanks for eveything!

  10. Lanie Ehlinger

    I am so thankful for Gary and Carolyn’s ministry that has impacted so many lives including mine and my family’s!

  11. Melinda Lawson

    Faithful and present are the perfect words to describe the Chapmans, and I would add one more word, loyal. Hosea 6:6 “For I desire and delight in [steadfast] loyalty [faithfulness in the covenant relationship], rather than sacrifice, And in the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.”

  12. Sharon Glass

    My mother and I followed Gary to Calvary from Salem Baptist. His ‘long’ hair and sideburns didn’t go over as well at Salem. It was such a privilege to be in the singles class with Gary as teacher for several years. He and Carolyn have had a tremendous impact on our family. Thank you to Gary and Carolyn for your faith, service and love for God’s church and His people!

  13. Ann Blatner

    My life has been tremendously impacted by these two Godly individuals. There truly are insufficient words to describe the details and love I have for them.

  14. Martha Harkey

    To this day I can still see the look of delight on Harry’s face about the message you brought on Wilber Wilberforce to Salem Pregnancy Care Center’s Banquet!

  15. Gordon@ Kristy Crump

    Gordon and I always appreciated the practical teaching Gary did and how my boys grew up with that and still remember. We also loved Carolyn’s singing and how it touched our heart . Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord and Calvary. You will be greatly missed.

  16. Beverly Day

    Craig and I have been members of Calvary since 1982. During all these years we have been blessed by Dr. Chapman’s rich teaching, and several times we were the recipients of his wise counsel. We have always appreciated his devotion to the church family, and his faithful service through many seasons and changes. We can always count on his friendly greeting, and listening ear whenever we meet. Karolyn has been such a devoted servant as well. Her lively personality has
    spread sparkle and joy, especially throughout the Women’s Ministry.
    Thank you, Gary and Karolyn. You have made a lasting imprint on our lives that we will carry with us in our hearts!

  17. Debbie & Ken Daniels

    We have been very blessed by Gary and Karolyn in so many ways!
    But, we were especially blessed by our trip to Israel and our trip on the Mediterranean Sea. Both journeys brought the Bible alive for us. Gary’s books have also given us so many opportunities to witness to our children and our grandchildren and our friends! They are salt and light to so many!

  18. Judith M. Shelton

    Dr. Chapman and Karolyn, are a kind and caring couple, and have always been an encouragement to me. I hope they have many healthy years left to enjoy their retirement. May the Lord bless you both and keep you safe in the shelter of his arms.

    Happy Retirement Dr. Chapman and Karolyn.

  19. Patty and Mark Harris

    So thankful for the Chapman’s ministry, my husband and I ventured through the singles program then the young married ministries at Calvary 28 years ago.
    Our lives were changed immeasurably and have been richly blessed
    with the leadership and a faith walk guided by
    The Chapman’s who have allowed Christ to use their lives for kingdom work! Words can not express how thankful we are to have been part of the Calvary family where our lives have be touched by Christ!
    Thank you Karolyn and Gary!

  20. Deborah Senft

    We have such wonderful memories of sitting on the floor in Gary and Karolyn’s small living room in their first home in Winston-Salem. One night a week they opened their home to high school and college age students to come and sing praise songs, share stories, ask questions of Gary and pray. No question was off limits and all were given equal attention. Their genuine humility and selfless service to all is a rarity.

  21. Michael Ziglar

    Dr. Chapman and Karolyn have just been a solid rock to me over the years. I have faced many issues in the 37 years I have known them and they have always been there for me. And I am truly amazed how God has used them for His honor and glory. What an impact they have had on the Kingdom all for the glory of God.

  22. richard marx

    we have always enjoyed Carolyn’s music ministry. Gary has had a major impact on our lives. as a result of one his sermons many years ago, I began to have a daily morning time with the Lord in prayer and scripture meditation. As Gary’s kids have testified, he lives what he preaches.

  23. Mike and Phyllis Mills

    Gary’s teaching has always been so practical, strengthening our daily walk in relationships with others as Christ followers. We have grown through his sermons and his books. A favorite memory is being at his marriage enrichment retreat at Ridgecrest many years ago.
    Carolyn’s ministry in her beautiful solos has enriched our lives. I will always remember how much we loved her singing The Holy City at Easter.

  24. Charles and Brenda Hutchins

    Where do I even begin–I’m not sure words can express our love and appreciation for the two of you!? What a blessing you have been these past 50 years to us and our family! Our marriage has been strengthened through the many marriage courses and seminars that we have taken. We have grown spiritually through Gary’s preaching of the Word, and what a gift of music the Lord gave Karolyn! Thank you for your faithfulness–to the Lord, to Calvary, and to the ministries that the Lord gave each of you. May our Lord continue to shower you with His abundant blessings!

  25. Barbara Alford

    The example they have set for the rest of us will live on in our children and grandchildren. I will always cherish the trip I took with Karolyn and Gary to Israel many years ago and I can still see Karolyn singing Oh Jerusalem on the temple mount and people stopping that probably couldn’t even understand English as they knew that was a special moment. Thank you Gary and Karolyn for your many years of dedicated service to the Lord and to our Church. You will be sorely missed.

    • Kay Hatcher

      Hard to put into a few words the impact of Gary & Karolyn at Calvary Baptist. I have always loved Gary’s ability to write & speak in such an organized, succinct & impactful way. His counseling helped me to understand life from the perspective of others. His books have impacted millions. My fondest memories of Karolyn are the times I happened to see her out shopping….she always brightened my day with her smile, positive comments, & uplifting attitude. I am so thankful for their 50 yrs of service at Calvary, 47 yrs of which I have been a member. Many thanks to them both for 50 yrs of service to others!

  26. Diane Brinkley

    Words cannot fully express my appreciation and love that I feel for Gary and Karolyn Both have been a blessing not only to me but to the Calvary family Thanks you for the many ways you have ministered to all of us.Both have a very special place in my heart and will never forget your kindness to me and your dedication to the Lord.God’s blessings to you.

  27. Bill and Betsy Robinson

    We have been blessed for these many years at Calvary through both of your ministries. We cherish the years of loving friendship shown toward us. Thank you for sharing your God given talents with Calvary all these years and for all you have done for the church’s ministry through your decades of faithful service. May the Lord bless and keep you for years to come

  28. Lisa Burt

    Thank you Gary and Carolyn for your many dedicated years at Calvary. We have enjoyed reading your books, hearing you preach, and hearing Carolyn’s beautiful solos. We have truly been blessed by you two. We wish you many blessings. We will miss you.

  29. Carolyn McKay

    There are no words sufficient to express how much these two people have meant to my life. I have grown in my walk with the Lord, in my prayer life, in deciding to memorize scripture, in enjoying my time with my Lord and Savior, in living a better life, and growing stronger in many ways. We are all better because of the examples they have been for us all these years. They have been faithful during hard times and struggles in their lives, yet they have always had a joy about them with unending smiles. Thank you covers a multitude of blessings received from their service to our church and to all the members!!!!

  30. Malissa Cottrell

    I will always remember the first time I met Dr.Chapman. We had only been at Calvary for a couple months, when I delivered my first baby. We had lived in Greensboro before moving to Winston so my Dr and hospital were in Greensboro. I didn’t expect a visit from a pastor of our new church home, and I certainly was not expecting Dr. Chapman to walk into my hospital room that day, but there he was. It really spoke volumes to us that the nationally known “love dr.” would take time out of his day to drive thirty miles to visit a new family to his church. Since that time, I served many years on the women’s committee and have enjoyed getting to know him and Karolyn. I am so blessed to have known them and love them both.

  31. Esther C Novotny

    Gary and Karolyn have been such a solid rock for our church! We owe so much to them for their faithfulness and steadfast love. I have been at Calvary for over 40 years. His teachings are solid and such a wonderful role model not just for us but for both of our boys. Karolyn and I have built a friendship over man years, through Women’s Ministry, she is the real deal and sincere and full of wisdom and grace. We are blessed to not only call them Pastor, but friends. Thank you for all you have done for the Lord and our church. They are both such a blessing. May you be blessed as you continue to follow the Lord’s leading. Our family love you both.

  32. Josh Creason

    Growing up at Calvary in the 80s I always saw Dr. Chapman as the kind, gentle, consistent, intentional shepherd in the background. In the 90s he played a significant role in preparation for my call to ministry as I learned about relationships and how to show people specific love that would speak to their hearts. Today as I serve a church family, he has been a role model of how to faithfully love that family over the years, ready to serve however is needed, to shepherd, to guide, and pour my life into Jesus’ Bride. While folks outside of Calvary mainly see a man whose speaking and writing ministry has impacted millions of marriages and families all around the world, I also see a man whose impact through faithfully loving and serving a church family for a lifetime will impact many generations to come and Winston-Salem and beyond.

  33. Mark and Kathy Blair

    Thank you Gary and Carolyn for the many lives you have ministered to so faithfully. You were there for us when we were married 36 years ago and encouraged us as we served in churches all those years. We thank God for every remembrance of you!!

  34. Mark and Kathy Blair

    Thank you Gary and Karolyn for the many lives you have ministered to so faithfully. You were there for us when we were married 36 years ago and encouraged us as we served in churches all those years. We thank God for every remembrance of you!!

  35. Cal and Lori Harris

    We love you Gary and Karolyn! You have modeled how to have a beautiful marriage, how to parent with wisdom and grace, how to humbly serve the Lord, and how to live life with joy and lots of energy! You are treasures to so many and we are grateful for your presence in our lives. Blessings upon blessings to you dear ones.

  36. susan utsey

    Retirement thoughts…children’s author Dr. Seuss instructs, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” I would add clarifying words, redirecting and ascribing the glory to our Good God Who beautifully superintends our lives. We followers of Jesus assuredly know that events in our lives DON’T just happen. God lays out the opportunities and asks just how fully can we surrender and not be afraid?
    From one of Gary’s sermons, I’ve inked a note inside my Bible. Gary described having talked with a missionary who powerfully declared: “There are no closed doors – IF you go in, not expecting to return.” That was riveting to me as I was being discipled by Gary while facing important personal decisions in women’s ministry.
    Another gem from Gary. He leaned over the pulpit and stirred us all with one line: “Ohhh, the POTENTIAL in this room!”
    Karolyn’s singing voice surely is honed as a God-given gift, blessing so many.
    Although I have not been present in the nationwide- and probably international- marriage seminars Gary and Karolyn have lovingly provided for our U.S. military, I commend them for honoring this sector of our society in such a meaningful way. And I’m sure that humor and joy, balanced with needed Godly wisdom, oozed from those sessions.
    Scripture teaches us: Remember your leaders who spoke the Word of God to you. Hebrews 13:7
    I am smiling as I ponder what God Almighty has already shown us – and what lies ahead!
    Lord of the years that are left to us, may we be found faithful!

  37. David and Lisa Cline

    Gary and Karolyn have been a blessing to our family since we arrived in Winston-Salem 20 years ago. From the first sermon we heard Gary preach, from the first song we heard Karolyn sing, from the first of Gary’s many books, we had the pleasure of reading. But most of all, knowing their caring hearts personally has been an inspiration to our marriage, our family, and our walk with Jesus.

  38. Matt Capps

    Dr. Chapman has been a wonderful encouragement to our family and my pastoral ministry. His faithfulness to Calvary has left a formable impression. God has also granted Gary great influence in the broad evangelical world. I praise God for Dr. Chapman’s ministry and am thankful to have experienced his wisdom and friendship.

  39. Steve & Cathy Hill

    From the very first marriage class, Gary’s humility of teaching us, by giving all the examples of what he did wrong took all our reservations away! His books have touched millions! But the joy of watching him and Carolyn live the life that his books challenge us to attain makes it mean even more! To take time from writing and worldwide speaking engagements to attend family funerals in neighboring towns and to still take time to counsel parents with their teenage girls blew us away! At every turn, they are always pointing us to Christ, with both their words and deeds! We love you guys!

  40. Kelly Stacks

    Karolyn and Gary have been friends, mentors, and two of the biggest spiritual influences in the lives of our family. Karolyn spent hours waiting in the waiting room at Baptist while Ryan had his surgeries. She went to plays to see Lauren and encourage her. Gary helped me publish my one and only article in Homelife Magazine. They are the meaning of fully invested in God’s service! Much love from the Stacks

  41. Warren Stacks

    Gary and Karolyn have been there many times in so many ways for the Stacks family. Graduations, dinners, plays, surgeries! We can never thank them enough! Congratulations and love from us all!

  42. Clarence Shuler

    Gary introduced me to a personal relationship when I was 16 years old. Then at the age of 17, he began discipling me. Karolyn, Shelley, Derek and he have been in my life ever since. Karolyn and Gary have spoken so many words of wisdom and supported my family in me in so many ways. God used Gary to change my worldview, causing me to focus on Christ’s view. My family and I are forever grateful.

  43. Sue Wright

    I thank God that He brought Gary and Karolyn into my families lives. What wonderful fellowship we have had with them thru the years. Such wonderful memories! They are family! Gary and Karolyn have allowed God to use them in so many ways which I am so thankful! God bless you both thru the coming years and enjoy your retirement! Love you both!!

  44. Andrea Shuler

    I view Gary and Karolyn as another set of grandparents. They have spoiled….I mean, loved my sisters and me since birth. This past year, I had the privilege to collaborate with my dad, Clarence Shuler and Grandpa Chapman on their second book together. We learned from each other as the three of us came together to share stories, make revisions, and ultimately hear each other’s perspective (taking age and cultural differences into consideration). I’m grateful to have the Chapman’s love, wisdom, and support for just over 30 years. What a dynamic couple God knit together!!

  45. Jennifer Thomas

    Gary and Karolyn are faithful and consistently hard workers. They both remind me of baseball’s Iron Man, Cal Ripken. He never missed a game. Ripken quietly ended his playing streak on his own terms. About a week before the end of the 1998 season, Ripken decided, quietly, to end his streak at 2,632 games.
    Together and separately, the Chapmans have many long streaks going. I look forward to seeing which of those streaks will continue. My husband, J.T., and I were blessed to travel Israel with the Chapmans and a wonderful group of church members. That pilgrimage to Israel added so much color to our study of the Bible.
    And I’ve had the privilege of writing and speaking with Gary- It has been a true pleasure.
    As their many friends know, Gary and Karolyn are kind, respectful, warm, entertaining, witty, and so very smart. Thank you for your very positive influence on my life and on the lives of others.

  46. Reg Alderman

    I came of Calvary Staff in 1988. Dr. Chapman was one of those friendly smiles that welcomed me. After a few years, we were taking a break from one of the many long, staff meetings and Dr. Chapman asked me, “Reg, I’ve been thinking. People seem to communicate love in different ways, different love languages perhaps. I’ve been thinking about writing a book entitled the languages of love…something like that. What do you think? I thought. I do know Chapman. It sounds New Age to me. After millions of copies later, I think I was wrong.

  47. Reid and Mary Benfield

    Gary and Karolyn. Congratulations on 50+ years of remarkable service not only to Calvary Baptist Church, but to a lost and hurting world. Only heaven will reveal what has been accomplished by your lives, being surrendered to be used by God however He saw fit, and, WOW, have we seen what that has produced…and, it is not over yet! To have been touched by your lives is truly one of life’s greatest blessings. Well done, good and faithful servants. We love you and are grateful for all you have poured into our lives.

  48. Van Wade

    I have used “The Five Love Languages” in all the schools that I have served, secular and Christian. It is amazing how that book has impacted so many of my teachers and students over the past 30 years. To be a part of the team that Dr. Chapman serves each day is a blessing. Thank you Dr. Chapman for being faithful to God’s calling and for modeling what it means to be a godly man. You are a true Christian gentleman.

  49. Phil & Myra Kitchin

    Myra and I met in Gary’s “Positive Single Thinking” class in 1980. Then Gary married us in 1981 in Hendersonville, NC. Ever since that strong foundation, Gary and Karolyn have been following us around all over the world. We can’t get rid of them! They went with us to the Holy Land in 1982, Karolyn singing “How Great Thou Art” at the Roman theater in Caesaria. Then Karolyn coming to our mission field in Brussels, Belgium to sing with the Calvary Choir in the most amazing Passion Play imaginable for Calvary’s music ministry and Belgium’s refugees. Then they both followed us to Interlaken, Switzerland where Gary claimed he was teaching something about “Love Languages” during our annual mission retreat. And years later, Gary showing up at our house in Waterloo, Belgium saying that he wanted to check-up on us and pray for us. Finally, Gary telephoned Myra at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN on the day she was giving her kidney to her brother, saying that he just wanted to pray for her!! These Chapmans! We can’t rid or them and we can’t help but love them! Every missionary needs a Pastor and a Pastor’s wife. Please know Gary and Karolyn, you’re the best!

  50. Ron and Judy Kessinger

    Gary and Carolyn changed the way we studied the Word of God and changed how we did marriage. Both those things have grown us to love God in ways we never could have imagined and changed how we love one another. There are no words to say what they mean to us. Thank you to both of you for investing in the kingdom of God!

  51. Philip and Dianne Averett

    Thank you Gary and Karolyn for your dedication to our community and church.. You have had a great impact on our lives for many years. We feel fortunate to have raised our family with you both.
    And Dr. Chapman your books have been wonderful to share with people –
    Believers or nonbelievers. . We love you both.

  52. Avalene Pegram

    We first heard Dr. Chapman preach at a revival at Trinity Moravian Church several years ago. Jerry was not a Christian at that time, and I am so thankful that Dr. Chapman agreed to come talk to him. We later started visiting Calvary and praise God Jerry came to know the Lord! We knew without a doubt that was where God wanted us to be. Dr. Chapman has been a blessing to ALL of our family over the years. And what a blessing Karolyn has been to everyone! She is so loved and appreciated by us all with her beautiful singing, great personality, and love for others. We love you both and wish you many blessings in the years to come!

  53. Dottie Hayes

    Words are inadequate to express how much their friendship and ministry have meant to me and my family. Love you both and appreciate your love you have shown me

  54. Dee Salley

    Ernie and I had not been at Calvary very long. As a musician spouse’s you spend a great deal of time waiting for them. I was sitting in the Lobby waiting. This charming lady came up to me an introduced herself as Karolyn Chapman. We spent several moments getting acquainted. For someone who knew very few folks it meant so very much. I learned that night that she cared.
    I will remember always the sermon Dr. Chapman gave on disciplining children. He told about a difficult morning getting Susie ready for church. Dr. Chapman advised to put the dress on the baby!

    I have been blessed by their love, compassion and guidance. Enjoy your retirement.

    God Speed

  55. Lisa Peters Bailey

    There would be no possibly way for me to express the blessings I have received from The Chapmans. They welcomed me into their home as a friend of their beloved Shelley when we were children and have shown me unconditional love and support every day since then. I was able to witness the Love Languages concept being played out in their home before it was ever in print form. My husband and I were also blessed to be in the first session of Toward a Growing Marriage when it was still in workbook format. Doctor and Mrs Chapman have always been so generous with their time, wisdom and love. I am one of thousands and thousands to be blessed by their lives and ministries.

  56. Gail & Jim Carpenter

    The Chapmans have not only endeared themselves to adults, but to all ages of the Calvary Baptist Church family. Our daughter, Auburn, was about 4 years old when she had her first encounter with Karolyn. As our family entered the church service, Karolyn bent down to speak to Auburn, telling her how much she liked Auburn’s dress. At the same moment Auburn was admiring Karolyn’s dress and became an instant fan. Most Sundays thereafter, Auburn searched for Karolyn to see what dress or suit she was wearing and was delighted when Karolyn wore purple.

    When our son Christian’s job offer took him to Ohio, he and his wife joined a Baptist church there. That year Gary was scheduled to hold a seminar at their church; Christian was proud to say he had grown up in and was a member of Calvary Baptist. Gary was gracious to recognize Christian while there.

    One of the most impactful ministries Gary led was the Prayer Wall; the church was bathed in prayer 24 hours a day from the north, south, east, and west for over a year. It was an privilege to be a part…never really believing I could pray for one hour! Through Gary’s leadership that became a reality and Colossians 4:2 became a life verse.

    Our favorite service over the years has been the candlelight service. Jim leans over and whispers, “Now it’s the candlelight service!” when Karolyn sings The Holy City. I like watching Gary’s face showing a mixture of love and pride and looks as if he is hearing Karolyn sing for the first time.

    Thank you for the memories, Karolyn and Gary!

  57. Timothy Mark Wolf

    Many Blessings to our dear friends and colaborers in the Gospel, your influence of many for our Savior to an innumerable host and will continue to distriute your books to influence young men for Christ. Thank you most
    of all for your faithfulness to our Lord and Savior allllll these years!

  58. Timothy & Netta Wolf

    Our dear friends and co-laborers in the Gospel, influencers of many for our Savior to an innumerable host! We
    continue to pray for you dear folks and will keep on distributing your books for young men to influence them for Christ. Thank you for your “faithfulness” allll these years!

  59. Stephen Hatcher

    Gary and Karolyn conducted our pre-marital counseling and Gary conducted our ceremony with my father-in-law. I don’t know all the details that Karolyn shared with my wife but I‘ve been forever grateful for the loving and Godly woman she became from Karolyn’s discipleship. The principles Gary taught me about love languages helped me better understand and show love for my wife in a way she felt it. Through the years we have continued to be inspired by the teaching and example.

  60. Mike and RossAnn Mckee

    We are so excited to celebrate 50 years of ministry with you two. You are so special to us and we are so grateful for the years we served with you at Calvary. Thank you for your love and friendship over the years. You have finished well and left an amazing legacy to all who have had the privilege to know you and serve with you. We love you, Mike and RossAnn


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