Calvary Kids Worship

Calvary Kids Worship is a fun, energetic time for kids to come together and connect up in worship, while their parents do the same in the worship center. Our hope for Calvary Kids Worship is that whole families can experience worship and engaging biblical teaching, on their respective levels, each week. When you step into a Calvary Kids Worship experience, you will be immersed in laughter, singing, dancing, games, and fun and engaging ways for the kids to hear the Gospel. Calvary Kids Worship also offers a space for our students to really shine and serve within the Kids ministry. A large part of our Kids Worship experience is student led, and the kids love having “big kids” to look up to each week and we love to see students who commit to regular service! Calvary Kids Worship has given the whole family a place to worship and grow deeper in knowing who God is and what worship looks like.

Victoria Pittman

Calvary Kids Worship Director, Central

I grew up in a church that had what we called “Children’s Church”, and I still remember learning all of the Bible stories and the song “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho” (oldie but goodie, am I right?)! I had such a fun time there when I was a child, and I knew that the kids at Calvary would love the same type of thing, just maybe a little more modern-ized. I studied Musical Theatre at UNCG, and during my time I was cast in multiple Children’s Plays/Musicals, where our audiences were strictly the age of the friends I have in Kids Worship! With that background, and the Orange Curriculum, we are truly able to put together something amazing for our kids on Sunday mornings! Never in my life did I think that I would be in ministry, but I am so thankful for the opportunity that I am being given to talk about the Gospel with our kids on Sundays! Jesus Christ was born as a baby, died for us ALL (every single person, young or old, believer and non) and ROSE AGAIN and is coming back one day! That is EXCITING and there is joy in that! I want our kids to start understanding how exciting that is as children, so that when they go to Middle and High School they already have a firm grasp on this knowledge!

I love that kids are given the opportunity to worship freely on Sunday mornings! Our kids are filled with life and energy, and during Calvary Kids Worship they are given the opportunity to release that! Our kids find out what worship is to them on Sunday mornings, and begin to make their relationship with Jesus their own! When do you not see a kid dancing, jumping, running, singing or dancing? Why not give them the space to do that for the Lord, while their parents are doing the same upstairs!

Jennifer Dahmer

KidMin Director, West

As a former 3rd grade teacher, loving on kids and ministering to them has been a passion of mine for most of my life! When my own family grew, I left the teaching profession to be home with my 3 children.  Having attended Calvary for the past 16+ years, it feels like “home” to me, so when a need at Calvary West opened up, it felt like a natural transition for my family and has been a huge blessing to us in many ways.  If you had asked me 10 years ago if I saw myself in ministry, I would have probably answered “no, the classroom is my ministry” but I can’t imagine being anywhere else now!  When you fully trust God to take care of the little things, big things happen and I am so excited to be part of the big things happening in KidMin at Calvary!

At Calvary West, we have been able to have the space for a preschool worship experience as well.  This has been a super sweet time each Sunday morning watching preschoolers sing, dance, and “twirl for Jesus!”  Even the youngest members in our church family get to come to church and see what worship looks like, they get to hear biblical truths on their level, and then they get opportunities to dig deeper and apply those truths!