Nathan Moore


Introducing Nathan Moore

Adult Discipleship Pastor

Nathan and his wife Haley have been married for 16 years and have three children, Karis (9), Addie (7), and Roman (5). For the last seven years, Nathan has served as a Pastor of Adult Discipleship in Johnson City, TN. Prior to that, he served as a church planter in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Nathan holds the Doctor of Ministry degree in Applied Theology (2020) from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Masters of Divinity (2008) from Southeastern. Nathan is a certified biblical counselor.

Both Nathan and Haley grew up in Christian homes and at Calvary Baptist Church where they heard the Bible taught and saw Gospel displayed. As a child, Nathan began to sense his real need for a Savior. Blessed by the patient teaching of parents and church leaders, he came to a saving faith in Christ and was baptized a short time later. During High School, God used summer camps and mission trips to help Nathan see that Christians can enjoy a vibrant relationship with God through practices like daily Bible reading and prayer. Nathan sensed a call to vocational ministry during this time.

In college, God dramatically intervened in Nathan’s life while spending a summer in West Africa with the IMB. There he became convinced of a truth that changed the course of his life: Jesus is enough to satisfy the deepest longings of the human heart–even in times of difficulty.

In the years that followed, God used the regular ministry of the local church as well as the teaching of many authors, professors, and pastors to help Nathan discover another ministry-shaping truth: the Gospel is not just how we begin the Christian life–it is the whole Christian life! The Gospel really does change everything. Ever since these discoveries, Nathan has been eager to help other Christians grow by learning to understand and connect the Bible to everyday life.