Generous living flows from a personal response to the grace of Jesus Christ in our lives.

God is extravagantly generous to us, and so when we are generous, it reminds us that we are created in His image. When we trust Him to be generous with our time, talents and resources, others’ needs are met, the Gospel spreads, and we draw closer to God.

Calvary Provision has purchased a Ramsey+ site license for our church. Here’s what that means for you and our church family.

Many of you may know about Dave Ramsey, his journey from losing everything to discovering God’s and grandma’s ways of handling money, and his class called Financial Peace University. Now, the folks at Ramsey Solutions have a brand-new, all-access membership called Ramsey+. It’s got content, tools and resources that will help us learn the simple plan to handle money, budget to become better stewards of what God has given us, and track our progress so we can live and give God’s way.

We believe each family can have true and lasting financial peace when they have the right plan and the right tools. We’re excited to offer this life-changing resource for you and your family!

Click the button below to create your account. The passcode is preset so once you create your account, you will have access to all the Ramsey+ tools. This is our gift to our church family to help you on your generosity path.

Calvary Provision Foundation is your personal resource for joyful generosity.

Our role is to make provision for Christ’s work through Calvary. Following a Biblical model of discipleship, we help members develop their spiritual gift of generosity. We guide donors to find the best giving solution to fulfill God’s call on their hearts. The donors’ gifts (typically donations beyond their tithes) fund Christ’s work in missions, in Christian education, and in places for worship and discipleship.

Click the button below to visit our website and find out how we can support you in your life of giving.

Becoming a Generous Steward

This resource will help equip you on your journey towards a life of joyful generosity. It provides biblical truths about generosity and stewardship as well a prayer plan to lead you as you seek how God would give you a heart of generosity.

Elder Care Seminar

Our Stewardship Ministry Team conducted a panel presentation and discussion with Dr. Ed Shaw, Norm Potter and Perry Hudspeth, members of Calvary who serve professionally in helping families with brain and memory issues, assisted living options and long-term healthcare funding.

If you were unable to attend the seminar, we have made it available via video. Just click the button below to access the seminar.

Additional Resources

VITAL (Volunteers In Touch with Aging and Life)
A newsletter for people interested in research studies at Wake Forest Baptist Health on aging and dementia. CLICK HERE

Memory Counseling Program at Wake Forest Baptist Health
This is for dementia caregivers, people living with dementia, and families interested in counseling and/or support groups. CLICK HERE

Griswold Home Care
Provides in-home care for seniors and people with dementia. CLICK HERE

Senior Services in Winston-Salem
Offers a wide range of support services for seniors including Meals On Wheels. CLICK HERE