Calvary has a unique identity, a unique history and a unique vision that we know God calls us to embrace. We know that we live in a broken world and we are all broken people. Just as Jesus Christ has reached into each of our lives and spoken His peace into our hearts, we are called to reach into the world and speak His peace into the lives of others.

It is with the certainty of this call that I enter into a covenant relationship with my brothers and sisters of Calvary Baptist Church as follows:



  • I confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and have followed Him in scriptural baptism.


  • I commit to develop a close personal relationship with God and will seek to take my next steps of spiritual maturity.
  • I commit to being a part of a discipleship group where I am being transformed through community.
  • I commit to regularly participate in corporate and private worship.
  • I commit to regularly pray for and support the leadership of the church.
  • I commit to engage and serve others by being an active witness for Jesus Christ.


  • I aspire to be unified around the gospel and in non-essentials to be gracious towards others.
  • I aspire to live a life consistent with scripture.
  • I aspire to be generous in the stewardship of my tithes, talents and possessions.