Family Conference

Family Conference October 24, 2021

On Sunday, October 24, 2021, in all of our morning worship gatherings, we will have the privilege of participating in our quarterly Family Conference.

These conferences are an important part of our church life and are essential to how we, as a church, are governed. As a member of Calvary, you have the opportunity to vote on important items as God continues to move in and through our church.

Meet Our New Deacon Candidates

John Michael Bonasso

My name is John Michael Bonasso. In 2014, my wife, Ashley and I moved to North Carolina to be near family and became Calvary members. We have 5 children: Adela (7), Luca (6), Myles (4), Helen (3), and Georgia (7 mo).

I was born and raised in West Virginia in a Christian home and came to faith in Christ at a young age. Early in our marriage, Ashley and I traveled to a dozen countries as missionaries sharing the Gospel and volunteering in underprivileged communities. Since joining Calvary, I’ve had the opportunity to serve by leading high school Bible studies, Adult Bible Fellowship and on Calvary’s Finance Committee.

James Gordon

 The gift received… 

I am the son of IMB missionaries to the Philippines. My parents answered the call to service in 1950 and I was born there in 1963. God gave me the unique gift of a front row seat to His work in SE Asia, specifically in a little town called Dagupan in the northern island of Luzon. I largely took that privilege for granted as a child. As a nine year old I asked Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior and requested to be baptized. My wise father talked to me and suggested we wait until I had a better understanding of what baptism meant. At the age of eleven I was baptized by my father in Dagupan Baptist Church on Callejon St. Salvation now established in my mind, I settled in for vacillating periods of growth and latent rebellion over the next 15 years through college and into my professional career. God was good to be patient with one like me. Pride, self-sufficiency, and a form of idolatry characterized those years; a gift can be received but not treasured. 

The gift understood… 

My parents sacrificed much for the gospel both financially and physically. My father became very ill in the late 1980s and passed away in the early 1990s. I remember, as if yesterday, pulling my car off the road on I-40 near Raleigh to weep bitterly over the loss. As I spoke to God that night, I said to Him: “Lord, you are either my God or you are nothing to me!”. No longer could my relationship with Christ ride on the coattails of my godly parents- it was either solely mine or worth nothing at all. Something new began that night; a new understanding of the gift God had given me came into focus. 

The gift appreciated… 

My relationship with Christ has become a treasure to me over the last 35 years. God brought me to Winston-Salem where I met my wife, started a family and eventually joined Calvary Baptist Church. I have been blessed beyond measure by my Lord. Discipleship is rarely linear and is often best understood in retrospect. As I look back on the precious trail God has placed me on, I am humbled over His providence over my life. The subconscious self-sufficiency of my youth has mostly given way to a conscious dependency on God; recognizing it is likely a battle that I will have to repeatedly fight. 

The gift appropriated… 

The Christian life is full of opportunities to make other disciples. My top priorities have been the nurturing of my marriage & the discipleship of my children (Benjamin, Josiah, Nathaniel, & Eliana). Our home has been our greatest pulpit even as our homeschooling years are coming to a close and my kids are beginning to leave home. As an ordained deacon at Calvary, I have served for many years as a BF teacher for various age groups. Currently I lead a Bible Study for an older men’s group at Calvary as they are a treasure to me. I have served in leadership of the Church Trail Life Troop as Chaplain. I continue to work as an architect professionally and I sense God still has great pleasure in it. Micah 6:8 is my life verse and my favorite part is ‘to walk humbly with my God’ all the remaining days of my life and that is my intent going forward. 

Steve Hardy

I was privileged to grow up with Godly parents who desired for their four boys to know Christ and to serve Him.  At nine years old I asked Christ into my life and was baptized. I was fourteen when we joined Calvary and my spiritual maturing began during my teen years under the teaching and leadership of Dr. Corts.

During college I became more active in evangelism and discipleship through the ministry of CRU.  In 1972 I served on a summer outreach at Cape Cod and this began a life of being involved in missions.

Following graduation from NC State in 1973, I was invited to join the staff of FBC Durham to serve in college and singles ministry.  Through this time God confirmed my call to ministry.  In 1975 I married one of my students, Becky Warren of New Bern, and God has blessed us with 46 years of marriage.  We have two married daughters and three grandchildren.

In 1977 I began a pastorate in Roanoke Rapids, serving through my final year of seminary and until the end of 1982.  From Roanoke Rapids we moved to Burlington to serve as pastor of Holly Hill Baptist until the Fall of 1997 when I joined Dr. Corts in the Tarheel Leadership Network for mentoring pastors.

It has been wonderful to return to my home church to serve pastors through Tarheel Leadership and to serve the congregation by being Missions Pastor from 2007 until the end of 2014.  After retiring from Calvary I was blessed to serve the NC Baptist Convention for two years directing the Office of Great Commission Partnerships.

Calvary has served me since I was a young teen. I look forward to serving Calvary as a deacon by seeking to meet members needs and encouraging our pastors.

Perry Hudspeth

I grew up in a small, rural town in North Carolina where everyone I knew attended church. I accepted Jesus as my personal savior at age 11 and was baptized. While I knew what I had done, my life did not totally reflect my decision to follow Jesus. Over the next 10 years, through high school and college, I was a generally nice person, but I was not following the teachings of Jesus. When my Dad died unexpectedly, I was 18 years old and I was mad at God for taking him at such a young age and I rebelled even more. But even while rebelling against God, I never lost the feeling for what was right and wrong and I could never escape that little voice that kept calling out  from within me.

After graduating from college and marrying Nanci, my college sweetheart and wife now for 50 years, we moved to Winston-Salem. We joined a large church after visiting for several months. I had started my professional career and there was never enough time for work, family, church and the many other activities that consumed my time. When I was about 23, I was attending a Spiritual Renewal service at our church and the minister asked a question that just gnawed away at me, “Are you willing to let God…?” It was at that very moment that I realized I had not been willing to let God be first in my life. I made a public confession to God that I was willing to do and be whatever He was calling me to do. So, at age 23 I turned over my life totally to God and as a young adult I was literally “born again” in my faith and commitment to the Lord.

During 2002, I left a very large company and started my own business. This was truly a giant step of faith and was done after much prayer and seeking wise counsel. God has truly blessed my business and continues to use me as a witness to my clients and the business community.

Matt Miles

My name is Matthew Miles, and my wife Erin and I regularly worship at Calvary West with our children Melody (15), Penelope (13), and Westley (11). We have been members of Calvary since 2006. I work as a teaching physician in pulmonary and critical care medicine for Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist.

I grew up in a small city in north Louisiana, the oldest of three boys and surrounded by love and support. My parents are faithful Christians who introduced us to faith in our home and involved our family in the life of our local church. There my father served as a deacon and the example of service he demonstrates through his personal and professional life has always inspired me and challenged me to see to others’ needs before I see to my own.

On the school playground in the fourth grade is where I first experienced my need for the Savior. That day I saw the cruelty that children, left to their own way, can inflict on one child that is left out  and bullied. More importantly I saw in my own heart the desire to join in with that bullying. Desperately I wanted to be approved and included on the one hand, but on the other hand something in me knew that this was not the way things should be. With the wisdom of God my mother saw in my questioning an opportunity to again share the story of Jesus Christ and how He came to set us right with God. In a moment of obedience I gave my life to Jesus Christ and asked him to change me to be more like Him.

After high school I studied biology at Mississippi College and then, along with my new wife Erin, moved to New Orleans to study medicine. During that time we were part of a close knit group of fellow Christians and began to understand the importance of Christian community in a new way. It was a special time for all of us as God gave us one another for Christian encouragement and exhortation during medical school.

It was in 2005 that we moved to Winston-Salem to begin residency training, and God again granted us a community of Christians whom we quickly grew to love as we shared the ups and downs of life together. In 2006 we began regularly attending Calvary, our first daughter was born, and we felt the Holy Spirit calling us to invest more in the life of the local church. We joined that year and became regular members of the Bray Bible Fellowship class.

During this time in my journey I was growing to understand more of God’s call over all areas of my life. As our church embarked upon the opening of Calvary West campus in 2009, my wife and I felt called to join in this new adventure. From that first Sunday until now we have been privileged to see God working in Davie county. In early 2013 I joined with Sam Turner to co-lead a Bible Fellowship class and in the fall of that year God multiplied that class. He has continued to bless us tremendously through the community at Calvary West and through increasing opportunities to minister to my colleagues.

I was ordained as a deacon at Calvary in 2016 and view the role as one who is a servant of the church, zealous for its unity under the headship of Christ. Indeed, I believe that all maturing Christians share these same qualities. It is my honor to again serve as an active deacon, to God’s glory.

Dean Powell

My wife Jennifer and I moved to Winston-Salem 15 years ago. While neither of us were from the Winston-Salem area, we quickly made this city home, and Calvary church played a big role in helping us feel connected to our new community.

We have been married for 18 years and have three children: William (15), Reese (12), and Griffin (10). For fun, I enjoy most all things sports, particularly golf, and traveling with my family.

Jennifer and I started attending Calvary shortly after moving to Winston-Salem. We have attended both Peace Haven and West campuses and have been involved in Bible Fellowship classes, preschool and student ministries, and First Impressions teams throughout the years. I have served on the Personnel Committee, and presently serving on a Stewardship Ministry team.

Growing up, I was a good kid that did not get in much trouble, followed the rules, and did the ‘right’ things. I grew up going to church fairly regularly and learning and knowing basic Christian doctrine. However, looking back, it was not until my freshman year in high school at a Young Life camp that I can definitively say I entered into a personal relationship with Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And my walk has continued since. Through the highs and lows, the beauty and depth of God’s love for me has continued to become more apparent, and in that I find rest. The relationships formed at Calvary in Bible Fellowship classes, men’s groups, one-on-one relationships, committees, serving teams, and the community as a whole have been truly rich and life-giving to me, all having an immeasurable impact.  Over the past 15 years, I have been discipled and pushed continually in the ongoing process of sanctification, and for that I am truly grateful and blessed. 

Mark Sink

I have been a member of Calvary for 46 years. We joined in 1975 and within a year we committed to teach in the Sr High youth department and continued to serve in that ministry for 35 years. I became a deacon for the first time at 28 years of age. I also served on the Finance Committee and in other areas of the church. I am currently a teacher in a senior adult class and I have thoroughly enjoyed our recent study of the book of Ruth. It has been an affirmation to me personally that I have lived a life that has been providentially transformed by a Sovereign God.

I was born into a normal post WWII family. My sister came along three years later. Soon after my mother became ill and tragically took her life. I was four years old at the time. My 70 year old grandmother stepped in to help raise me. I can only imagine how difficult this was as I was a terror.

My grandmother Sink loved me unconditionally, taught me God’s word and led me to accept Jesus at 7 years old. It was shortly after this that my father remarried and we moved away. The following three years were extremely traumatic for my sister and me as we suffered from significant psychological abuse from our stepmother. Thankfully this marriage for my dad ended and we moved back in with my grandmother who continued to nurture and encourage my sister and I daily. She always made sure we attended church regularly.  She was definitely a prayer warrior on our behalf.

I attended youth camp as a teenager and fully committed my life to Jesus to always be in service to Him.

My grandmother lived to be 89 and saw me get married to my best friend who has supported me for over 48 years. God made a way for me to find Him even when I had experienced a very difficult time at such an impressionable age. My grandmother was my kinsman-redeemer and I look forward to seeing her again someday.

My wife Amy and I have three wonderful children and of course 8 “perfect” grandchildren. My life is an example of how God makes a way when there seems to be no way.

Amy and I are excited to serve in this ministry with our new incredible staff. We are already seeing the evidence of the great things God has for our church. To God be all the glory for the things He has done in my life and in Calvary church!

Jessie Watson
My walk with Christ began at the age of 7 years old. My parents were diligent in attending Calvary as a family and insuring spiritual instruction took place in the home as well. Spiritual growth continued at Calvary Day School and was instrumental in developing a lifetime of Bible study habits. In high school and college Young Life, in addition to the church, filled a crucial role in my continued spiritual development and building relationships with the purpose of sharing Christ with others.
I attended Appalachian State University with a degree in Production Management and an MBA. In college, I especially enjoyed snowboarding, fly fishing, and all things outdoors. I volunteered at Young Life Windy Gap where I met my future wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I were married in 2005 and have two children Emma Kate and Henry who are in the 6th and 3rd grade at Calvary Day School. We live in Clemmons and attend Calvary West.
I am the president of Watson Wood Works in Winston-Salem. We provide architectural work primarily for the healthcare and higher education sectors. I have served on the Davie County Young Life committee in the past. I am currently serving on the Calvary Day School board, the Novant Health Clemmons Medical Center Foundation board, and as a Bible fellowship leader.