From birth on, Reg and I (Ronda) were raised in Christian homes, and we raised our 4 children in faith as well. We have grown up going to church, praying, and believing. For this we are grateful, but we are even more grateful for how God has reached out to us and changed our lives this past year.

After 24 years of using the same public schools for our 4 children, we were led to Calvary Day School. Even while touring the school, Reg and I found ourselves looking at each other and asking why we were even here. What we did not know at the time was that God had gone before us to prepare us for a difficult journey ahead. Shortly before the school year began, our daughter was diagnosed with a rare brain disease that took us to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for surgery. Feeling overwhelmed and scared, we began to see God’s sovereignty through everything.

I’m from Minnesota where the majority of my family still lives. We hadn’t been home to visit the previous couple of years with the kids’ busy schedules. The summer our daughter was diagnosed, we had planned on going home for a family wedding. Seems like a coincidence, but again, it was all part of God’s plan to prepare us. She was diagnosed at Wake Forest two days before we flew to Minnesota, and her diagnosis was so rare very few places treated it.  Again, God was providing, because Mayo Clinic in MN was able to treat her and was close to where my family lived. We were fortunate to be able to have the support of family.

We have grown up going to church, praying, and believing.

God also used Calvary Day School to support us. We were surrounded with people praying: teachers, students, church members, families, and staff. The night before her surgery, a few of her classmates called her in Minnesota and prayed with her for a successful surgery. The entire Calvary Day School staff prayed for her and our family during their devotion. What was so amazing to us was that we were new to the school and nobody really knew us, yet so many people were lifting us up in prayer.

Soon after the school year began, we attended a church service at Calvary that invited students and families from Calvary Day School to kick off the school year. Having belonged to the same church for many years, we had no intentions of going to church at Calvary permanently, but God had again planned otherwise. Even though we had always gone to church and believed, we had never experienced God like this before. There wasn’t a doubt in our minds God wanted us at Calvary. The girls were going to church and Bible Fellowship with classmates from school. Reg and I quickly connected with a Bible Fellowship class as well. Our family’s faith felt alive. We felt comfort through our grief. We no longer were praying the same prayer before every meal and bedtime. We were praying from our hearts and God was listening. Bibles no longer looked new. I often found the girls reading devotions on their own.

God is present and active in our lives. This past April, our family was baptized together. This year, I have also had the privilege of being part of Kingdom education at Calvary Day School by working in the preschool. I get to surround myself every day with people who live their lives for Christ, just as the girls do.

Even though it was heartbreaking to watch our daughter go through this, we all know in our hearts that God used her to bring us closer to Him. He reminded us to rely on Him and trust in Him, the God that is all knowing and in control of our lives. God also showed us His love and mercy. God put our children in Calvary Day School and our family at Calvary Baptist Church where we are surrounded with love, countless prayers, and friendships. God has blessed our daughter with successful surgeries and health. Our family has been so blessed by God through Calvary. Our hope is that each and every one of you reading this will open your hearts and allow God to guide you; that you will have the same positive experience through Calvary Day School and Calvary Baptist Church that we have had.